Generator Repair and Service

generator repair

Generator Repair and Service

If you use a generator for relaxation and enjoyment, running building gear, or as a backup energy supply, we understand your pain once you move down!

Our specialist technicians have the resources, and also the years of expertise to get you up and running, fast, in several situations at the exact same moment!

Safeguard your investment, you’ll sleep easy Once You anticipate your fixes to Orange County Mobile Mechanics, we’ve got just the Ideal options for you and would be the NUMBER ONE generator repair agency in Orange County, CA

Call to program using a tech today.

It isn’t important if your broken-down cell generator works on gasoline or gas, we’re experts at managing all sorts of portable generators.

We intend to offer a fast and reliable fix. We can also do regular general support!

Technicians at Orange County Mobile Mechanics are well-equipped together with the essential tools and skills to earn your generator run as a high again. We realize the crisis of the situation and also to deal with that, we provide fast.

Mobile power production is much more efficient and reliable than ever. They need routine maintenance, repairs, and service from trained professionals.

Is the towable generator not operating because of some unknown technical matter? Frustrated with low high-quality repairs, bad company, incompetent or unreliable mechanisms? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered!

Whatever the situation might be, we could repair the matter straight away.

We’ve been repairing generators for several years and have solved several generator problems. We have the essential expertise and expertise to serve your requirements.

Fixed electricity generators, both single-phase or 3-phase voltages are frequently employed as a backup energy supply in homes, companies, and healthcare buildings. Is your generator with difficulty starting, running badly, or stalling? Is the generator providing no power when running?

Whatever the matter is, simply give us a call and we’ll produce the correct one straight away.

If your fixed electricity generator has stopped operating, then call us now and we’ll achieve your place immediately to repair it. Our expert technicians are specialists at troubleshooting. They inspect the generator to obtain the origin of the matter and develop just the ideal way to create the fix.

Experienced Trainers
Our specialists are experienced dependable and useful whilst providing solutions. They’re well-equipped with knowledge and skills. We maintain a friendly connection between us and our clients.

Quality Client Service
We’re devoted to supplying top-notch services and make sure that we keep top excellent variables whilst coping with you. It’s our obligation to supply our clients with the services that are desired. We’ll go over the work details with you personally for your own satisfaction.

Avoid the Price and hassle of moving to a store, leaving your generator for weeks or days,

Reputable Accurate Inspections
Our specialists conduct normal inspections of the functioning website, to ensure smooth functioning. We maintain the security factor whilst fixing. We always double-check the generators as soon as they are repaired, to prevent any matter from again.


How much is a diesel generator?

Gasoline generator costs $500 – $3,000, Natural Gas costs $1,900 – $5,000, Diesel generator costs $3,000 – $15,000, and Liquid Propane generator costs $500 – $6,000.

How many types of rotors are there?

two types
There are two types of induction motor rotors: Squirrel-cage rotor and simply cage rotor. Phase wound or wound rotors. The motors that use this type of rotor are known as Slip-ring rotors.

How do you hook up a portable generator to your house?

  • Transfer Switches.
  • Connect the generator to the transfer switch using a gen cord.
  • Start the generator outside.
  • Flip the main breakers in the transfer switch from “Line” to “Generator” power.
  • One at a time, turn on the circuits you want to power.

What happens if you overload a portable generator?

Overloading Your Generator. … After enough time has passed the generator will overload and either shut off due to the circuit breaker or if it doesn’t have a circuit breaker then it will keep running and eventually overheat which could lead to a fire.

How do you flash a brushless generator?

  1. Start the generator.
  2. Insert the steel rod into the chuck of the corded drill.
  3. Insert the other end of the steel rod into the cordless drill.
  4. Plug the corded drill into the generator.
  5. Hold both drills tightly.
  6. Press the trigger switch of the cordless drill, so that it spins the chuck of the corded drill.