The Truth about Auto Repair and Mobile Mechanics

The Truth about Mobile Mechanics – don’t get scammed!

I am amazed at how many ads there are for Mobile Mechanics in Garden Grove!

There are some good honest Mobile Mechanics in Garden Grove, some not so good, and some are terrible!

It doesn’t take much to become a mobile mechanic… a few tools and a car, truck, or van, throw an ad on craigslist and you’re in business!

Sort of….

Some guys get even more creative… they put up a website with nice pictures and logos, say they are ASE Certified (many are not, but it is easy to copy logos), and call themselves “Master Technician” or “Professional”!

So who are you going to trust?

How do you know who to trust?

What will it cost you to use the wrong one trying to save a buck?

Are you confident that the guy showing up in a pickup truck or van(or worse, a car) is qualified, can Do it RIGHT and the final cost will be way less than a REAL professional?

What about the ones that have all the professional-looking stuff, like a great website, ASE Logos, a nice truck or Van with more logos, and more tools?

They sure do put on a good show… So they should be EXCITED to PROVE IT!

Here are some tips to help you Compare Mobile Mechanics and avoid getting bad work or worse, getting ripped off :


Check out their website and business on the BBB website: // and check Rip-off Report:

Mobile Mechanics Scams

Find out about their Licensing and certifications:

A California BAR license is required, here is mine: BAR ARD Lic# 262070

Here is a link you can check BAR license status: //$lcev2.startup?p_qte_code=ARD&p_qte_pgm_code=1310

ASE Certification is THE automotive industry Standard, and is also a sign of professionalism.

Don’t just ask if they’re certified, many will say “yes” or “my mechanics are certified” when they are not. Some are calling themselves Master Mechanics… have one ASE cert or none hardly qualifies a mechanic as a Master Technician no matter how many cars he fixed in his garage!

To be safe ask to SEE their licenses and ASE certifications – not the patch or logoson the web sitewhich anyone can get (in fact I know some mechanics on here that have nice professionally designed websites that misrepresent ASE Certification, and another guy who wears the ASE patches on his shirt but is not ASE Certified!)

Also you should know that ASE certifies technicians NOT businesses.

Background, training and experience:

How old is the tech? No I’m not talking about age discrimination, but let’s use a little common sense here; if the guy (or girl) is young then their experience is limited!

It takes years and many hundreds or hours of classroom and hands-on technical training to be qualified to work on today’s complicated vehicles.

I have hundreds of hours in the class room and since 2000 have trained other technicians in advance automotive technology for companies like NAPA, CARQUEST, Snap-On, and many others. And I’m also a California BAR Certified Advanced Emissions Instructor

If they are ASE Certified, for how long and how many? Just one, or even a few ASE’s do not qualify a tech to be a Master Technician

My first ASE cert was in the early eighties, by 1986 I was an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician and in 1996, I was recognized by the Automotive Service Industry Association (ASIA) as a World Class Technician earning me a place in the Automotive Hall of Fame, Dearborn MI.

How well equipped are they?

Sure, it only takes a jack and limited hand tools to swap a set brake pads, but what about rotor run-out or hotspots or parallelism? Does the mobile mechanic working on your brakes even know what it is or why it matters?

True Professionals LOVE tools, we SPEND plenty of $ on Professional tools, and were proud of them! We like to be prepared for anything that comes our way.

How do you know if the Mobile Mechanic is really WELL Equipped? A pickup truck or service truck (like the ones that contractors use) just can’t hold much, even a van can’t hold much, just look inside… does it look like there is plenty of room, how big is the tool box, where are the supplies?

My truck has a FULL SIZE tool box and every drawer is OVER filled because I cannot get bigger box on the truck, the overhead racks and shelves a filled with Specialized Test Equipment, labscopes, exhaust gas analyzers, Cooling system and fuel injection testers, hoses, coolants, oil and oil drain containers for EPA Compliance.

I’m not talking about a half empty van, or a Service bed truck (contractor or plumbers type) I could get my tools and equipment in anything that small!

Make the comparison!





Experience (real on the job professional experience!)

Tools and equipment

Even with all that experience, equipment, and training I have competitive prices and provide great value and the best-written warranty!

If you are comparing just ask them to “PROVE IT”

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